Searching For Good Resources With Free Doctoral Thesis Examples

The best way to come up with a perfect doctoral thesis is to take guidance from proven and reliable sources. When the student has a good model to base his or her paper on, it goes a long way in helping him or her script the research paper. Needless to say, every doctoral level paper has a specific set of guidelines that the student must follow and these should be incorporated in the paper itself. The students should be fully aware of them before starting to script their papers.

Consulting the university library

The university library is, probably, one of the most underrated places for finding good sources to include in a doctoral thesis paper. The librarian can easily help out the student find valuable and credible information on the specific topic that he or she wishes to cover in his or her dissertation. These include well-known books by famous authors, published journals, encyclopaedias, and old newspaper clippings that are stored in the library’s archives.

Going through the dissertation archives

Most colleges and universities have a separate archive for storing the dissertations published by their students through the years. These are extremely helpful sources of information and can be of immense help to students, who need a great example to serve as the foundation for their papers. The fact that they were worthy enough to be published ensures that the sources are rather good ones. However, the student who wishes to cite these sources should be alert so as not to commit any act of plagiarism that may possibly result in stern actions being taken against him or her by the reviewing authorities.

Purchasing dissertation manuals

Dissertation guides and manuals are often published for sale in order to assist relatively new doctoral students to improve and enhance their knowledge on how to go about writing a doctoral paper. Many universities publish their own, but general handbooks are also quite helpful in assisting doctoral candidates. These are very inexpensive and, hence, do not pinch the students’ pockets. They go a long way in clarifying any doubts that the students may have regarding how to go about the process of writing their papers.

Surfing the web

The Internet can also help the students:

  • In finding good dissertation-writing advice.

  • Gain helpful tips and tricks that can ease the student’s workload.

  • Find good examples of well-written dissertation papers.

  • Come across a wide range of suitable topics to choose from.