A List Of Interesting English Dissertation Topics You Could Explore

Success is every student’s dream but how to achieve it is usually the problem. At school, there are a number of activities which learners are always called upon to partake on, but of them all, nothing supersedes writing. If you are able to write academic papers creatively and informatively, then resting assured of being promoted to the next grade is never misplaced. Students who however struggle to make it to the top of their classes in as far as writing is concerned should therefore perhaps find out from the self accomplished writers what it takes to come up with English dissertation topics on which to write.

Well, if you are a student in an English speaking country, English is undisputable one of the core subjects you do and any time, you can be called upon to craft a dissertation in English. The question is, should this pose a challenge to you or it is something more of a walk over? While writing is a basic skill mostly executed in doing essays, advanced term papers require a little more creativity and advanced touches here and there. It is on this premise that I hereby present to you a number of English dissertation examples topics to look into. See below for details:

  • A look into changing faces into the genre of literature
  • A look into the history of romanticism
  • Review Shakespeare’s poetic life and how his publications contributed to the study of English and literature
  • The changing language that is English. A review of textual value and speech value in communication
  • How to do well in English subject as a second speaker
  • A classical analysis of Harry Potters Goblet of Fire
  • Explore the stylistic devices used in the books, Animal farm and wind in the willow
  • A critical analysis homosexuality through the years from the first legislation
  • A look into the rise of feminism in the twenty first century
  • Imagery in English literature. Explain the importance of this stylistic feature in writing
  • The relationship between philosophy and English literature